Wine Retailer Seeking Compliance Tool / Function / App

My tasting room and retail wine shop (based in Los Angeles) is branching into ecommerce and web sales, slowly but surely, with our new website and the time has come to contend with compliance issue of shipping over state lines. I have consulted all the basic maps and breakdowns circunscribing state to state, and state by state possibilities (or lackhereof). I'm sure this is somewhat of a long shot but I'm curious if there is an API solution or direct integration tool to assist me in navigating this somewhat convoluted frontier. Any kind of tool to assist in the observance of due diligence here.

In tandem with this, this rookie would appareciate any guidance, advice, wisdom or effective practices you've developed or accrued from experience in this field of retailer shipping (from CA). 

Thank you!


  • Alex KoralAlex Koral Posts: 36 admin
    Thanks for posting this question! I hope that other industry members will offer their advice and experience.

    As an initial step, though, you may want to read this post:, from our blog. It is from a couple years ago, but the regulatory information in it is pretty much unchanged. (As a California retailer, you should have pretty much the greatest availability to legally sell and ship your goods directly to consumers--though I should probably also caution that there still are a lot of regulatory barriers out there.)

    Also, the ShipCompliant product is used by retailers to support their direct shipping programs. Not to sound too much like an advertisement, but you may want to request a demo ( to see what ShipCompliant can offer.

    But whatever route you go, and advice you find, we'd love to hear more about it here to better support the industry at large.
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