More states say "no" to Palcohol - is California next?

Alex KoralAlex Koral Posts: 36 admin
Powdered alcohol, or "palcohol," continues to face difficulty breaking into the market. Even though the TTB approved sales of palcohol last year, over half of the states have banned the product. Just recently, Rhode Island and Idaho joined that group; with Maryland and New Hampshire also working on bills to prohibit the sale of palcohol. However, the biggest fight is in California, where two bills, AB 1554 and SB 819, would make palcohol illegal in the largest domestic market. Currently on three states, Colorado, New Mexico, and Delaware define palcohol as a beverage alcohol fit for local distribution. Losing the California market, though, would be a huge impediment to palcohol's future.


  • Alex KoralAlex Koral Posts: 36 admin
    Update: On September 28, Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 1554 into law, prohibiting the sale of powdered alcohol in California. The loss of access to the biggest consumer base in the U.S. seems to call into question what the future for palcohol will be. If you have thoughts or concerns on palcohol, let us know here!
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