Beer Industry Growth Means More Product Diversity for Consumers

Patrick Barrett, ShipCompliant's Wholesale Product Manager, posted a blog on what the growth in the beer industry has resulted in for consumers. 

In the post, which you can read here:, Patrick sites data from LabelVision that show 'between 2005 and 2014, the number of beer products for sale in the United States increased by 275%.'

Patrick is writing an explorative series on the beer industry, aiming to answer questions based on this growth. This includes questions like: 
  • Just how much has beer diversity increased?
  • What kind of descriptions and keywords are becoming more popular?
  • How difficult is it to launch a new beer?
  • How does the craft brew industry growth compare to the direct-to-consumer wine industry growth?
What other questions would you like to see answered in this series? 
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