TTB removed the email from COLA documents. Does this impact you?

Last week the TTB made an update to all COLAs available on their public COLA registry by removing the email address of the submitter.


  • Alex OxfordAlex Oxford Posts: 42 admin
    So does this mean that you can no longer put an Email address on the COLA, or just that it won't be publicly visible?
  • Email addresses will no longer be publicly visible but will still be used for the COLAs Online login username.
  • Robert LehrmanRobert Lehrman Posts: 29 admin
    Why? The document does not say why this field is now hidden. Who was spamming or getting spammed? Was it a spam issue or something else? What makes the email address more sensitive than the phone number, name or address?
  • I thought the email was helpful.  Odd that they removed it. 
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