Michigan Bill Removes Onerous Package Label Requirements for DtC Wineries

Michigan SB 1088 was recently signed into law by Governor Rick Snyder, eliminating several label requirements for wine being sold directly to consumers in Michigan. We reported on this bill when it passed the legislature in December, and the Governor's signature now makes this rule change official.

Under the new rules, wineries will no longer need to include on their package label: 1) their license number; 2) the order number; or 3) the registration number of the wine in the package. The registration number will also no longer be needed to appear on the invoice within the package.

These labeling requirements have been a bugaboo for wineries selling directly to Michigan residents. Their removal signals a positive change for the DtC market in the state.

Wine packages must still list the name and address of both the recipient of the package, and the party placing the order, if different than the recipient. Other rules, including age verification and registration of all wine being shipped to Michigan prior to sale were unchanged.

SB 1088 also established a new special license allowing Michigan retailers to receive orders from Michigan residents online or over the phone and fulfill these orders through a common carrier. Standard rules, including age verification, labeling requirements, and tax remittance are required. This license, and the permissions it grants, are available exclusively to retailers located in Michigan.
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