Distilled spirits tasting rooms.

Does anyone have a resource on what can be sold in distilled spirits tasting rooms?


  • Our team did some digging...looks like some recent movement in Oregon:
    ORS 471.230 and OAR 845-006-0452 were revised last month and are the places to look.  Since some of the rules are in conflict with the revised statute, the commission is working on a new set of rules.
  • It can vary from state to state, but I can share what Michigan looks like:


    This link shows what we are able to do in Michigan with our current Small Distiller License. On the right-hand side of the page are other license types listed; each describes what types of sampling/sales can happen out of a tasting room based on license/permit.

    **The Micro Brewer license info has not been updated on the site to reflect the new 60,000 barrel total production limit. 
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