Short list of states that DO NOT require any licensing for out-of-state supplier to ship wine

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Hi! Does anyone have a list of or link to 'wild west' states that don't require an out-of-state supplier licensing (importer) in order to ship wine?

Thanks very much!


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    Hi Jenn,

    Thanks for your question!

    I'm assuming that in referencing an "importer" type of license, you're asking about when no license is required to ship wine to in-state wholesalers/distributors? If that's the case, then the only places where it looks like there is no licensing requirement are Alaska, Hawaii, and D.C. Idaho doesn't require a license, but does require a winery to notify the department who its Idaho distributors are. Similarly, South Dakota doesn't have a license, but does require annual Brand Registrations. Further, Mississippi, Utah, and Wyoming lack a license for out-of-state wineries selling at wholesale, but they are also fairly strict control states. So while you may not need a specific license, you'll still have to deal very closely with the departments to get your wines listed and sold in those states.

    If, however, you mean to ship wine directly to in-state consumers, then the only regions without a license-type are Alaska and D.C. Though, both Florida and Minnesota also lack a shipper's permit; but they do have reporting requirements so you'll still have to have open communication with the regulatory agencies there.

    Also, this list shouldn't be taken as an "end-all" on this subject. If you're planning on entering a new state market, make sure you thoroughly review all relevant rules and make sure you're in compliance before you start selling. For instance New York and New Jersey both provide Wholesaler Licenses for out-of-state producers instead of "importer" type licenses--in New York, that license also requires an in-state business location, though New York also has a "Negotiator's Annual Permit," which is a cheaper alternative to the Wholesale License. And even if you don't need a license, there may be other rules you need to comply with, such as registering with the Secretary of State or product registration.
    Hope this helps!
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