Can you use the acronym "ABV" on spirits labels?

Hi - just wondering if you can use the acronym "ABV" for alcohol content on spirits labels, e.g. "34% ABV"? Or does it need to be in the form "ALC./VOL.", e.g. "34% ALC./VOL."?


  • Robert LehrmanRobert Lehrman Posts: 29 admin
    Yes. It's okay to mention ABV on a spirits label -- so long as you also show it in the form of ALC./VOL. The latter is the most it's okay to abbreviate it. If you go any smaller, like ABV or just 40%, it's too small. You can also go bigger, like ALCOHOL BY VOLUME. So, it's a lot like the old school PROOF statement. It's ok to show the PROOF -- in addition to but not instead of the newer format such as 40% ALC./VOL. (Please don't take this as legal advice without further checking.)
  • Robert LehrmanRobert Lehrman Posts: 29 admin
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    Bonus quiz. Pretend to be Sarah or Battle (TTB label reviewers). Which ones are ok or not okay as the alcohol content statement on a whiskey front label?
    1. 80 PROOF
    2. 40% ABV
    3. 40% ALC./VOL. (80 PROOF)
    4. 40% ALC./VOL., 80 PROOF
    5. 30% ALC./VOL. (60 PROOF)
    6. 40%
    8. XXX
    9. 40% ALC./VOL.

  • Alex OxfordAlex Oxford Posts: 42 admin
    I would fail the test so hard. 
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