Why you are no longer considered a “Craft” producer

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   In the alcohol industry, the word “Craft” is too loosely used. Some associate it with the words “micro” or “artisanal” and believe it means that your production is limited to small high quality batches. But those that think along these lines have a really hard time understanding how  a large brewery like Boston Beer that brews Samuel Adams can label themselves as craft.  The U.S. government has a different interpretation of the word craft  and is planning on categorizing breweries into three categories for tax purposes:  

  1. The craft brewers, those producing under 2 million barrels per year would get the deepest tax cuts.

  2. The mid-size brewers, those producing 6 million barrels or less, get a slight tax break.

  3. The macro brewers, which don't get a tax break beyond their first 6 million barrels of production.

    Although the U.S. Government’s categorization of breweries sheds some light on the meaning of the word craft, it really does not answer the fundamental question. Can you be a large brewery and still produce craft beer and portray yourself as a craft brewery? 

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