Top 5 Questions Suppliers Should Ask Before Participating in Sponsorships, Events, or Tastings

This guest blog post from Bahaneh Hobel, Senior Alcohol Beverage Counsel at Dickenson Peatman and Fogarty, is based on her presentation on “Everything You Need to Know About Winery Tasting, Events, and Sponsorships”  at our DIRECT conference in Napa Valley. In this post, she summarizes ways to protect yourself and your business by complying with the law when participating in events.

Summer brings with it warm weather and the opportunity to participate in many great marketing events.  Below are some key questions for suppliers to ask before agreeing to participate in any sponsorships, events or tastings.

1)      Make sure your sponsorship is legal!

Who?  Sponsorships by suppliers under the ABC Act are extremely limited and are really only permitted where (1) the sponsorship is of a nonprofit organization that will be holding the ABC license for the event (as long as the event does not benefit a permanent retail licensee), (2) the sponsorship is of a contest, race, tournament, and other similar activity and where the sponsorship is only in the form of “monetary payments to bona fide amateur or professional organizations established for the encouragement and promotion of the activities involved,” or (3)  where there is an exception in the code that specifically allows the sponsorship of a certain entity or at a certain venue.

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So, what do you think? Is this something you've found relevant for your business? Any best practices you'd like to share? Post in the comments! 

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